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► Radiation test facility upto 1000R/h with 20Ci Co60 source.
► AERB recognised Calibration facility for 0 to 100R/h with 20Ci Co60 source.
► AERB recognised Calibration facility for 0 to 5R/h with 2Ci Cs137 source.
► Calibration facility upto 200mR/h with 100mCi Cs137 source.
► Test facility for Contamination in Bq/cm2 using Sr90Y90 surface area source.
► These facilities are well-equipped with Test benches, CCTV cameras, Radiation Safety Officers
     & calibrated Secondary Standard Dosimeter.
A Good collection of over 25 radioactive isotopes of different energies, shapes & activities


For Alpha Natural Uranium (hand source) Plutonium 239 (hand source and also planchet source), Am-241 ( planchet of 2 different activities )
For Beta Sr90-Y90 discs of 3 different activities, Sr90-Y90 hand source Co60, Pm147, Tl204 discs Natural Uranium hand source,
For Gamma Cs137 sources of 6 different activities upto 2Ci
Co57,  Ba133 & Na22 discs
Co60 sources of 6 different activities from 0.1µCi to 20Ci



AERB Certificate

AERB Certificate

Radiation Calibration Lab:
We are delighted to inform that our radiation calibration labs (0-5R/h & 0-100R/h) are recognized by AERB as per rule 29 of Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) rules, 2004. We are authorised to calibrate all type tested radiation meters, irrespective of its make & country of origin.


Reference Standard:

Secondary standard dosimeter calibrated by BARC

Terms & Conditions for Calibration

» Calibration charges do not include any repair charges.
» Calibration charges do not include any packing, forwarding & freight charges.
» Repair charges are extra.
3a. Along with the unit, please arrange to send user/service manual with calibration procedure chapter.
» Proper shock-proof RE-USABLE packing by providing thermocole packing for protruding parts, such as knobs, meter etc. & by wrapping instrument with 3 to 4 layers of bubble papers in a hard cartoon box is to be ensured by customer for sending instrument by parcel/courier.
» Instrument will be returned in the same packing in which it was sent & any damagedue to improper packing will be customers responsibility. Packing must be RE-USABLE.
» Calibration appointment for a particular date can also be given to outstation customersif they bring in/take back the instrument by hand delivery.
» If customer has agreed to collect the calibrated instrument, & if he does not collect within 5 days after calibration then we are not responsible for any loss.
» Full Payment in advance.
We undertake repairs of radiation monitors of international brands subject to nature of fault & availability of spares,provided they are sent to our works along with service manual. To give repair estimate, we need to do assessment by experts. The charges for giving repair estimate may vary from Rs.500/- to Rs.2,000/- depending on fault complexity & time given. In-spite of charging for repair estimate, sometimes we may have to declare instrument as non-repairable.
» Repairs may take several days, subject to queue, availability of experts & spares.
» Prior to sending instrument for repairs, inform us about the symptoms & take approval from us for sending, to cut down on waiting period.
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