Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Detectors: cwa

Pla Electro Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed & leading brand in supply/manufacture of nuclear radiation & contamination monitors since last four decades. PLA has supplemented its range by introducing Chemical Warfare Agents(CWA) monitors & Biological Warfare Agents(BWA) monitors.

Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents are potential threats in asymmetric warfare & proxy wars. Chemical warfare is the offensive use of Non-living toxic products like Nerve agents (eg. Sarin, Soman, Tabun, VX, VR etc.), Blood agents (eg. most Arsines, Hydrogen Cyanide etc.), Blister agents (eg. mustard, levisite etc.), Choking agents (eg. Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride etc.), Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, Agent-15, Cyto-Toxic proteins (eg. ricin, abrin etc). The threat of chemical warfare has now been heightened in the recent years and the gravity of the current panic has risen significantly. The public awareness of the growing threat of chemical-terrorism is gaining momentum all over the world.

For catering to these needs, today PLA is offering these equipments by sourcing from reputed global brands. PLA also undertakes integration contracts of these detectors to control systems & is looking forward to indigenisation of the same(full/partial).

Vehicle mounted or used by
dismounted troops
Vehicle/Ship mounted
or Wall mounted
Handheld (portable)

Detects, identifies and measures the concentration levels of Chemical Warfare agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
Provides visual and audible alarm both locally and at remote locations
Can be interfaced with a transmitter enabling remote, wireless detection and warning
Battery Power: 24V
Detection Principle: Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Agents Detected: Nerve, blood, blister, choking & TICs
CBRN Detection Panel:
Detects NE(INR)
Measures Fallout Radiations
Detects Fire, CWA & BWA
Measures Wind directions & Speed, Rainfall
Measures Co2 , O2 , Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
For NBC Shelters
CBRN Panel

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