Biological Warfare Agent (BWA) Detectors: bwa

Pla Electro Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed & leading brand in supply/manufacture of nuclear radiation & contamination monitors since last four decades. PLA has supplemented its range by introducing Chemical Warfare Agents(CWA) monitors & Biological Warfare Agents(BWA) monitors.

Biological Warfare Agents are potential threats in asymmetric warfare & proxy wars. Biological warfare is the intentional use of micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, fungi and toxins to produce disease and death in humans, livestock and crops. The threat of biological warfare has now been heightened in the recent years and the significant gravity of the current panic has risen out of anthrax scare post 9/11. The public awareness of the growing threat of bio-terrorism is gaining momentum all over the world.

For catering to these needs, today PLA is offering these equipments by sourcing from reputed global brands. PLA also undertakes integration contracts of these detectors to control systems & is looking forward to indigenisation of the same(full/partial).

Real-Time Biological Aerosol Threat Monitors:
These are real-time continuously operating indoor or outdoor monitors that provide early warning of biological aerosol threats. they facilitate the process of identifying bio-terror agents to allow timely containment, treatment and remediation.Monitors are designed to detect concentrated levels of biological aerosols. Possible agents released in a bio-threat attack can include bacterial spores (such as B.anthracis, which causes anthrax), bacteria (such as Y.pestis, which causes plague), viruses (such as smallpox) or toxins (such as ricin).

F Provides near real time warning capability for biological aerosol threats
F Alert can automatically trigger a particulate sampler for
    subsequent identification
F Un-attended 24/7 operation without consumables
F Complete self-diagnostic system
F Easily integrates with most facility monitoring and control systems
F Alert algorithms validated for both indoor and outdoor environments
F Response Time: 30 to 60 sec.
F Aerosol Sizing: 0.7 microns and larger.
F Air Flow Rate: 3lt/min
F Data Communication: Ethernet, RS232
F Input Voltage: 100 to 240V

CBRN Detection Panel:
F Detects NE(INR)
F Measures Fallout Radiations
F Detects Fire, CWA & BWA
F Measures Wind directions & Speed, Rainfall
F Measures Co2 , O2 , Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
F For NBC Shelters
CBRN Panel

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